Audition: In Basildon - A Rehearsed Reading

Audition Dates: 26th & 29th June @ 7.30pm

Performance Date: 29th July @ 7.45pm

Performance Space: Main Stage


Rehearsal Period:        

This is a rehearsed reading, so will not require you to be off book for the performance.  Please make sure you check your availability for these rehearsals, as if you are unable to attend any this may affect casting decisions. 


Rehearsal dates.

Sunday 16 July 6pm

Saturday 22 July 11am

Sunday 23 July 11am

Monday 24 July 7pm

Tuesday 25 July 7pm

Wednesday 26 July 7pm

Thursday 27 July 7pm

Saturday 29th July  2pm Technical, Dress rehearsal and performance.



 “People always get the wrong idea about Essex, don’t they?”. Len’s on his deathbed and the family gather to say their farewells. His sisters still aren’t speaking after nearly 20 years. His nephew is trying for a baby, and a bigger house, while his best mate, Ken, remembers Basildon when it was still a village. Putney Theatre Company’s rehearsed reading series continues with this family drama exploring inheritance, family myth and East End fable.

Presented by special arrangement with David Eldridge. 

Please note this is a rehearsed reading, actors will be performing with book in hand. 


There are 10 characters (5F and 5M)

LEN 60                      Dying from cancer.

DOREEN 55              his sister

MAUREEN 50          his sister

BARRY 37                 Doreen's son. A debt-ridden plumber.

JACKIE 35                 Barry's wife.

PAM 55                     Next door neighbour.

KEN 75                       Len’s friend. He describes himself as “authentic Basildon”

SHELLEY 25               Maureen's daughter. The first in the family go to University.

TOM 27                     Shelley's partner. Also a teacher and budding playwright.

REV. DAVID WILLIAMS 50  The local vicar.


The characters with the exception of Shelley, Tom and Williams are ‘salt of the earth' types.


I hope to see many of you at the auditions or if you would like more information please feel free to contact me at or on 07960339496.

Barry Hooper