Audition: Ghosts

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen, in a version by Mike Poulton



Audition Dates:                    5th July @ 7.30pm

                                             6th July @ 7.30pm


Recalls:                                  16th July @ 2pm


Please find below the details of the auditions and backstage help required for Ghosts. Please do get in touch with the Director, Ellen Fife, with any questions you may have by emailing


Performance Space:             45 seat Studio at Putney Arts Theatre


Performance Dates:            11th- 21st October 2017 (Wed-Sat only)


Rehearsal Period:

Rehearsals will take place from early October at 7.30pm for 2-3 evenings on Monday to Thursday, as well as around some 3 hours rehearsal on a Sunday. Sometimes there may be a need to rehearse on Saturdays and to rehearse on different days and times.  Most actors will only be called for 2 rehearsals a week until the final few weeks, when actors should be prepared to rehearse on up to 4 days a week.


Please note:

This is an amateur production. You do not need to be a member of Putney Theatre Company to audition, but actors and crew will need to become a member of Putney Theatre Company to take part in the show for £20 a year, and a £20 show fee will be due.


Audition Preparation:

Please read a copy of Ghosts (it doesn’t have to be the one we are using if you can’t get a copy!) and familiarise yourself with the play and the characters.  Please also make sure you arrive on time, or let the director know if you have any difficulties attending the audition times or any other queries.





Helen Alving is about to dedicate an orphanage she has built to the memory of her late husband, determined to keep his proud legacy alive despite their secretly unhappy marriage. Slowly the hidden secrets of the family are revealed, leading to devastating consequences. Ibsen’s Ghosts attracted controversy at its premiere for its scathing commentary on nineteenth century societal norms. It deals with contentious subjects such as religion, incest and euthanasia and, most shockingly at the time, venereal disease. But at its heart it is a play about people and the personal ghosts they live with.


Characters:                           2 Female.  3 Male


Mrs Helen Alving                 (Female, 50+) The widow of Captain Alving and a close friend of Paster Manders.  She strives to be a good role model for her son and her local community.  However, her need to keep up the appearance of a dutiful widow and mother come into conflict with her morals after past decisions come back to haunt her.



Paster Manders                   (Male, 40+) A close friend of Mrs Alving and her confidant.   He is secretly in love with her for her strength and charitable nature, which he feels comes from his own advice.  His religion is key, but struggles when it comes into conflict with what he wants to do.  His pride is his greatest weakness.


Oswald Alving                     (Male 18-30) An artist and the son of Mrs Alving, he has a passion for life and can sometimes be reckless.  He has returned home to his mother after his father's death.  A true 'artist' he rejects responsibility in pursuit of his own selfish endeavours. He find common ground with the maid, Regina.  


Regina Engstrand               (Female, 17-25) A maid in Mrs Alving's service.  She is witty and quick tempered, but hindered by her low social status, which frustrates her.  She dislikes her father, Jacob.  She knows how to manipulate others with her looks and isn't ashamed to do so.


Jacob Engstrand                  (Male, 50+) A carpenter and Regina's father.  Blamed in part for his wife's death by Regina, he is a boarder-line alcoholic trying to drink his pain away.  His life in the lower classes has made him cynical.  A man of ruthless self-interest, his only real power comes from his gender.




Backstage opportunities available include:


Lighting operator,

Set construction,

Assistant stage manager

Stage manager

Sound operator

Costume assistants

Hair and make up assistants


Please get in touch with if you are interested in getting involved.