Audition: Jack & The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk 

by Tom Sainsbury, Lizzie Iredale, Marcia Kelson, Tim Iredale, Simon Herd  


Audition Dates:  

Sunday 20th August 6.30pm: Main Stage - PRINCIPALS

Tuesday 22nd August 7.30pm: Main Stage – CHORUS  



Thursday 24th August 7.30pm: Main Stage 

Wednesday 30th August 7.30pm: Main Stage 


Please find below the details of the auditions and backstage help required for Jack and the Beanstalk. Please do get in touch with the Director, Jeff Graves, with any questions you may have by emailing 


Performance Space: 150 Seat Main Theatre 


Performance Dates: 

Wednesday 13th - Friday 22nd December 2017  

7.30pm weeknights (No Monday 18th), 1.00pm & 5.00pm Saturday & Sunday 


Rehearsal Period: 

Rehearsals will take place from early September at 7.30pm for 2-3 evenings on Monday to Thursday, as well as around 3 hours rehearsal on a Sunday. Sometimes there may be a need to rehearse on Saturdays and to rehearse on different days and times.  Most actors will only be called for 2 rehearsals a week until the final few weeks, when actors should be prepared to rehearse on up to 4 days a week. 


Please note: 

This is an amateur production. You do not need to be a member of Putney Theatre Company to audition, but actors and crew will need to become a member of Putney Theatre Company to take part in the show for £20 a year, and a £20 show fee will be due. 


Audition Preparation: 

Principal Roles will be asked to sing a verse and chorus of song of their choice and unaccompanied at beginning of audition. You will be given excerpts of the script on the night to audition with  


Chorus Roles please ensure to wear comfortable clothing, as you will put through a dance routine.  You will also be given excerpts of the script on the night to audition with. 


Please also make sure you arrive on time. 



Following Putney Theatre Company’s highly acclaimed and sold out 2016 production of Cinderellaland, our panto writing team has brought it’s magical skills to retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The key elements of the traditional fairy-tale remain, with modern twists and turns, introduced along the way.  

The future of Mama Trot’s farm is in jeopardy. Evil debt collectors Lord Wonga and sidekick Quik Quid want their weekly instalments and the money has run out. To top it all, up above the village in cloudland, an evil giant threatens the community. Son Jack, well-meaning but slightly gullible, takes their much loved cow to market, returning with nothing more than a handful of beans. All seems lost. But the baddies haven’t taken into account Putney Theatre Company’s resident fairy godmother who’s had a makeover and refined her magic skills. Can she enlist the help of the audience to save the day?   


Cast List

Note All principal characters will need to be able to sing and those marked with an * will need to be able to sing solos and duets to a good standard.

1.      Cowpat (M/F) Loyal farmhand with a country accent, devoted to Buttercup the cow. Must be accomplished and comfortable with improvisation and interacting with the audience

 2.      Fairy Godmother (F): Narrator of the story. Ballsy but still makes mistakes as still in training. Must be accomplished and comfortable with improvisation and interacting with the audience.

 3.      Mama Trot (M): Jack’s mother, traditional pantomime dame. Well endowed with a heart of gold. Needs to be able hold a tune but this can be hammed up rather than truly musical!

 4.      * Jack (F): Young man (playing age early 20s) played by a female actor. Disillusioned with his lot and looking for adventure and love. Slaps his thigh A LOT. Lacks confidence and can be a bit daft but grows in confidence and comes through in the end.

 5.      * Lord Wonga (M/F): Really evil and scary. Likes the good things in life, lots of bling, Only cares about himself. Think Dastardly in Whacky races

 6.      * QuikQuid (M/F):  Wonga’s sidekick. Total sycophant, weak and quite stupid. A physical role with some falling over to avoid Wonga’s blows.

 7.      * Jill (F): Playing age early 20s. BarmaidandJack’s love interest, pretty but no wilting flower. A bit of a feminist. Brave and sensible

 8.      * Giant (M): Playing age 40-60. Speaking/singing part. The Giant is never seen but needs a strong speaking and singing voice

 9.      9/10 Buttercup Non speaking panto cow needs front and back ends. Actors need to be fit and good at physical theatre, using legs and hanging head etc to convey thoughts and emotions

Chorus: Approx 8(4M, 4F). They play a number of roles including farmhands and milk maids, wood nymphs, pub regulars etc. They will be required to sing and dance and act as backing singers to main cast songs. Must be quite accomplished singers and dancers