Audition: BU21

BU21 by Stuart Slade


Audition dates:                      Monday 8th Jan 2017 at 7.30pm

                                               Wednesday 10th Jan 2017 at 7.30pm

Recalls:                                   Sunday 14th Jan 2017 at 6pm


Performance dates:               Thursday 29th - Saturday 31st March, Wed 4th - Sat 7th April

Technical/dress rehearsals:  Tues 27th and Weds 28th March

 There will be a short rehearsal on a date in-between the two performance periods


If you have any questions please get in touch with the Director, Marcia Kelson, by sending an email to


Performance Space: Intimate 50 seat studio space at Putney Arts Theatre. All actors need to be comfortable performing monologues and intermingling with the audience.


Audition Preparation:

Auditions will be held at Putney Arts Theatre

If you would like to audition please download the pre-audition form here


Fill it in and return it with a photo to

This will enable us to make sure the auditions run as smoothly as possible with as little waiting around as we can manage. If you don’t return the form you can still audition but you will need to wait until we have auditioned those who have sent in their details in advance.

It is not essential to read the play in advance. However, you may find it helpful to familiarise yourself with the character(s) to get the most out of the audition.


Please note:

This is an amateur production. You do not need to be a member of Putney Theatre Company to audition or pay a fee, but actors and crew will need to become a member of Putney Theatre Company to take part in the show for £20 a year, and a £20 show fee will be due.


Rehearsal Period:

Rehearsals, from mid-January, will generally take place at 7.30pm 2-3 evenings per week on Monday to Thursday, and around 3 hours on Sundays. We may rehearse on different days/ times according to cast availability and availability of theatre space.



As passenger jet BU21 makes its descent towards Heathrow it is targeted by a terrorist missile. Smashing into Fulham, its engine bouncing down the New King's Road, it causes hundreds of deaths and horrendous devastation. In the aftermath, six survivors relate their eye witness accounts of the attack and its impact on their lives through a series of interconnecting monologues. Described by the Guardian as “a thoughtful, arresting and darkly comic study of how we cope with tragedy”.


Characters: 3 male 3 female. All ages are approximate, if you think you can make something of one of the characters, come and audition! Character descriptions are taken from the text.

Izzy (F) 20-30. Young and carefree until losing family in the crash.

Ana (F) 25-35. From Eastern Europe. Physically and mentally scarred by the event.

Floss (F) 20-30. Young, outgoing, until traumatised by what she saw on the day of the crash.

Graham 30-40. Londoner, born and bred, and proud of it. Unlikely hero.

Alex (M) – Mid 20s to 30s. Cynical young city Banker.

Clive 20-30. Young British Asian man. Idealistic, wants to change the world.


Backstage opportunities

Poster Designer (a brief will be provided). If you would like to find out more, please contact us at