Audition: Robin Hood - The Panto


Audition Dates:                     26th August @ 6.30pm – Principal auditions

                                               9th September @ 6.30pm – Chorus auditions

                                               10th September @ 7.30pm – Principal auditions


Recalls:                                  13th September @ 7.30pm

Performance & Rehearsal Details:

Please find below the details of the auditions and backstage help required for Robin Hood. Auditions are open to all.  Please do get in touch with the Director, Tom Sainsbury with any questions you may have by emailing

Performance Space:             150 seat Theatre

Performance Dates:             13th - 22nd December.  7.30pm (Saturday Matinee @ 1pm & 5pm, Sunday Matinee @ 5pm) 

Rehearsal Period:

Rehearsals will take place from late September at 7.30pm for 2-3 evenings on Monday to Thursday, as well as around 3 hours rehearsal on a Sunday. Sometimes there may be a need to rehearse on Saturdays and to rehearse on different days and times.  Most actors will only be called for 2 rehearsals a week until the final few weeks, when actors should be prepared to rehearse on up to 4 or 5 days a week.

Please note:

This is an amateur production. You do not need to be a member of Putney Theatre Company to audition, but actors and crew will need to become a member of Putney Theatre Company to take part in the show for £20 a year, and a £20 show fee will be due.

Audition Preparation:

Please email to request an audition time (please note we can’t guarantee these times).  Please let us know in your email, a preferred date, and if you would like to audition just for the Chorus, or for a Principal role. 

Please prepare a short, 30 second, acapella (unaccompanied) song to sing.  We are able to provide you with the audition pieces around 2 weeks prior to the audition dates, these will be updated on the website then.  You are not expected to learn these.  Please also make sure you arrive on time.


Hold onto your bows and arrows and get ready for an adventure! 

Our Fairy Godmother has had another makeover and is ready once again to use her magic to put the world to rights. This year she’s in Nottingham where an evil sheriff is supporting the rich, taxing the poor and threatening to build a wall.

The townsfolk hope Robin Hood can save the day but he needs help – or even some ideas. Can plucky Maid Marian, Wee Willie Scarlett, a motley crew of outlaws and a live band help out?  Or will they all end up in the evil sheriff’s dungeon?


14 Principals:4 - 8 Female & 4 - 8 Male. Chorus: 6-10 Townspeople / Guards

Robin Hood                           Female 18 – 30.  Written as a female breeches role, although with the right actor could be played by a male. Robin is a bit full of himself, over confident but somehow often ends up seeing his plans work and come to fruition. Eventually seeing the error of his ways, he comes to realise that working as part of a team is what it’s all about. Must be able to sing.

Maid Marian                           Female 18 – 30.  Fiesty, principled, and looking for someone to partner with her to change the world, Marian needs no saving. The daughter of the King, she loves adventures and wants to get stuck in wherever possible.  Must be able to sing well.

Will Scarlett                           Male 21 – 50.  Will is our likeable lad, he tries hard and actually has a lot of great ideas, but no one really listens to them.  He has a little bit of a problem with saying the wrong things, sometimes at very inappropriate times!              Chorus singing and dancing only.

Sheriff                                    Male 30+.  The Sheriff is an American Hero, or so he likes to call himself.  Brash, loud, and altogether evil, he has a dastardly plan to take over Nottingham and ‘drain the swamp’.  Requires an American western accent.  Must be able to put a song across.

Hairy Godmother / Nurse     Male 21 – 60.  Our Panto Dame character, the Hairy Godmother is a magical wonder, who also works part time as a nurse for the King, looking after Marian. They have some wonderful songs, physical comedy, and needs to be big, loud, boisterous and flamboyant.  Must be able to put a song across.

Tight Virginia                         Female 30 +.  Virginia doesn’t like things to be loud, complicated, or controversial in any way.  She’s a member of the Merry Men, and really doesn’t like that it’s called that… And she doesn’t like to spend money.  Chorus singing and dancing only.

Big Jonny                              Any gender 18+.  Jonny cares, he’s loveable, friendly, but really he’s a little bit dim, and doesn’t always gets what’s going on.  Somehow becomes a Merry Men Member, but probably doesn’t realise what that means… Chorus singing and dancing only.

Average Dick                         Any gender 18+.  Average in every way, Dick is an accountant, he’s very straight laced, and distinctly boring, but in a very funny way.  Becoming a Merry Man is by far the most interesting thing he’s ever done.  Chorus singing and dancing only.

Freya Tuck                             Female 18+.  Freya is the local Friar, and she is the nicest person you’ll ever meet, maybe a bit too nice…. Always one to see the best in everyone, she joins the Merry Men to make sure they always do good!  Chorus singing and dancing only.

Snatch                                    Any gender 18+.  Snatch cares, they care about ensuring that the Sheriff’s wonderful plan to build an amazing new hospital really does happen, although they might have missed something about the grand plan the Sheriff keeps talking about… Innocent, caring and not the brightest of sidekicks, Snatch definitely isn’t the brains of the operation.  Must be able to sing.             

Grab                                       Any gender 18+.  Grab knows exactly how to make sure the Sheriff’s evil plans pay off, by lying about it.  If it’s the truth, it’s Fake News, if it’s going to help the Sheriff, then it’s the truth.  Must be able to sing.

Dobbin (x2)                            Any gender 18+.  Dobbin is Robin’s trusty steed, his friendly horse that always knows the right thing to do, even if Robin won’t listen.  The role doesn’t speak, but does have a massive role to play in the show, and front horse and back horse both require a good back, good physicality, and lots of energy (plus an acceptance of the fact that kids will want to pat you!) 

King Richard                         Male 40+.  A smaller role in terms of the number of lines, but a roaring role that needs to be able to come on and make an immediate impact.  Away at the Crusades, Richard suddenly gets whisked back to Nottingham to save the day. Will also be a part of the Chorus as a Townsperson and Guard.  Chorus singing and dancing only.

Townspeople / Guards         All Ages / GendersEither supporting Robin’s cause, or ensuring that the Merry Men can’t get their way, the Chorus plays a huge part in this show, and we need a varied and talented group to make the show really work.  Some dancing and singing is required, and we are looking for people with passion, energy and bags of talent.


Backstage opportunities available include:

Stage Manager


Lighting designer

Lighting operator

Set construction,

Assistant stage manager

Sound operator

Costume assistants

Hair and make up assistants


Please get in touch with if you are interested in getting involved.