There are opportunities for both new and experienced directors at Putney Arts Theatre. We are always looking for people with ideas for shows and a great story that they want to tell.

Generally directors are asked to get involved in other aspects of the theatre first, such as acting, stage management, assistant directing or new writing, before progressing onto directing a full length play.  We want our directors to understand our theatre, its unique attributes as well as its challenges, before you take on such a major project. 


Main Stage and Studio Productions:

We ask for submissions for our main stage and studio productions on a semi annual basis, usually around January and June.  

We are currently looking for directors for our Jan 17 - Jul 17 season.  Please email for more information.


How does the process work for selecting plays?

For newcomers to wanting to put on a play the basic way the process works is you first of all let me know you're interested send me an email, text or call, then we can have a chat, then from there I'll guide you through how to submit your full idea for a play you've selected, or help you to find plays that might be suitable.

Directing isn't for everyone, it's a lot of hard work, but when it goes really well there's nothing quite like that sense of pride seeing your creation on stage.


If it does interest you, and you're willing to really put in the hard work to make your vision come to life, then please do read on...


2017 Spring & Summer Seasons - 'America' and 'Love'

I'm going to keep with the idea of themes to help provide some additional structure for the season (although again there is a big caveat that if it turns out not to work then I may go with something else!).  However this time I'm splitting the season in two, and am asking Directors to put forward plays that fit broadly within two main themes.   The first is 'America', and the second is 'Love'.

Why those two?  Well we'll just have had the American election, we'll either have a the first female, or Donald Trump as president of the USA to inspire (?) us, the range available to select from is huge, and I really love American theatre!  And 'Love'?  Well my guess is after all that we'll all need a good bit of love, and it would be great to have some wonderful plays that showcase not just 'romantic' love, but all the complexities and difficulties love can present. 

The deadlines for submission are as follows:

Signal of initial interest:                      27th July 2016
Submissions of play proposals:           10th August 2016


Slots Available for Programming:
Rehearsed readings:
These are script in hand readings of plays, that have minimal set, costume and technical requirements.  Around 3-4 rehearsals will be scheduled for each one.  A really great way for new directors to start to understand the space and show us what they can do, equally good as a vehicle for established directors to try new things, or move into a genre they are less experienced with.
New Writing:
We're looking for a Director who is interested in getting involved with a really exciting New Writing piece, it will run for a week but on the main stage, so a really great chance to try out new things with great pieces of new writing from our membership.

Site lines & other ideas:
We're looking at maybe doing a site lines production (off site) in this season, January could work for this, so if there is something that you think would work really well, or indeed if there are any other ideas you have for things you'd like to produce then please do let me know.  I'm really happy to consider any ideas, no matter how wacky, I want us to continue to be really creative as a group. 

Studio Show:
We're going to continue with a two week run of a single studio show.  Looking for pieces that have a good mix of male and female roles and don't have too many people on stage at once, the studio can't cope with more than 5 or 6 really.

Main Stage Shows:
I'm really open to ideas, and am really keen to hear about plays and authors that are less well known, however I'm also after some big hitters to both fill seats and also with substantial casts that provide lots of opportunities for our membership.  Key things to consider when putting forward plays are ensuring a good gender balance, and thinking about the practicalities of putting on the production on our stage.


America Theme:
Late Jan - Rehearsed reading or Possible Site Lines
Early Feb - Main 
Late Feb - Rehearsed reading or Possible Site Lines
Early Mar - Main
Early Apr - Main

Love Theme:
Late April/ Early May - Studio - Two week run
Mid May - Main
Late June - Main - Possible two week run
Mid July - Outside
Late July - Rehearsed reading or Possible Site Lines
Got ideas you'd like to share?
If you have any questions or thoughts about any of the above just let me know.  I'm really keen to hear the memberships thoughts on the season as a whole and any ideas for different things we could do.