Support PTC

Support PTC

How you can help support us

Well hello there, aren’t you looking splendiferous today? 

Firstly, thank you for even taking the time to come and look at how you might support our brilliant little theatre.  Seriously, even having got this far is great – we’re clearly doing something right and, whatever you decide to do next, we’d really love to see you at one of our shows or events sometime! 

However, if you would like to do a little bit more and get involved in supporting us, you’ll be super excited to know that there are a whole bunch of different ways for you to do so.   

And here they are: 

£50 for 50 

This is the bread and butter of our fundraising efforts – the backbone, if you will.  It’s nice and simple too: we’d love you to donate or pledge to raise one pound for every year we’ve been around.  A nice, round fifty quid.   

You can stick your hand in your pocket, fish around down the back of the sofa, or get others to sponsor you to sit in a bucket of beans or throw yourself out of a plane – whatever takes your fancy! 

And, of course, we’ll say a big old thank you for doing so by popping your name on our website, in our 50th year production programmes and on a big gold star on the office door for everyone to see. 

To get involved, please contact or call 020 8788 6943. 


Name a Seat 

We have a whole gang of seats in our main auditorium but the poor little blighters are currently all anonymous.  They’d love to have a name and they’d love even more for that name to be yours!  In exchange for the sum of £250, you can give a seat a personality AND have the added joy of knowing their surroundings will be maintained and continue to be filled with outstanding artistic endeavours* 

*£250 entitles you to have your chosen name added to a seat in the main auditorium for five years, allowing you to gaze lovingly at it every time you’re in the theatre and point it out to your friends.  Sadly it doesn’t mean that you will always be able to sit on it...If someone else gets there first, then we’re afraid you don’t reserve the right to go all diva-ish and push them off it.  But, of course, there’s nothing stopping you turning up early and making a run for it! 

To name a seat, please contact or call 020 8788 6943 for more information. 



In true ‘it does what it says on the tin’ form, this is the easiest and simplest of them all.  Click a few buttons, tap away at a couple of keys and Bob’s your uncle – you’ll have given us some cash and made yourself feel all warm and fuzzy for supporting a wonderful community theatre! 

Please contact or call 020 8788 6943 to feel that inner glow. 


Local Businesses 

Are you a local business? What a silly question – of course you’re not; you’re a person! But do you own or work for a local business? And, even more excitingly, would you like said business to get involved with your similarly local community theatre?  What’s that – you would?  Well, that’s just smashing of you and you should contact our dedicated theatre managers by calling 020 8788 6943 or emailing who will be very happy to help you out. 

Anything and everything you can do to support our theatre will help us to maintain and improve the building and making the best possible use of our space so that the whole community can really enjoy all it has to offer. 

And if now’s not the time, don’t worry. Come and enjoy the stuff we do sometime and maybe toddle back to this page in the future. 

Thank you!