There are opportunities for both new and experienced directors at Putney Arts Theatre. We are always looking for people with ideas for shows and a great story that they want to tell.

Generally directors are asked to get involved in other aspects of the theatre first, such as acting, stage management, assistant directing or new writing, before progressing onto directing a full length play.  We want our directors to understand our theatre, its unique attributes as well as its challenges, before you take on sucha major project. 


How does the process work for selecting plays?

For newcomers to wanting to put on a play the basic way the process works is you first of all let me know you're interested send us an email, text or call, then we can have a chat, then from there I'll guide you through how to submit your full idea for a play you've selected, or help you to find plays that might be suitable.  Selection is based on the directors previous experience, quality of ideas, and the chosen plays fit within the overall season balance. 

Directing isn't for everyone, it's a lot of hard work, but when it goes really well there's nothing quite like that sense of pride seeing your creation on stage.


Submissions for the 2019/20 Winter Season


So excited to announce that applications for next winter season are open. We are trying something a little different with our first season. We are hoping to programme a mix of productions; some texts that the AD team have chosen and some text suggestions from directors and the membership. We have decided to try this approach in order to achieve a wide range of writers, roles and stories, seeing as the diversity and variety of our programming was something that the majority of the membership viewed as key to Putney’s success. So this means we are looking for the following: 


Directors/Producers/Designers for the AD choices:

  • The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh (1 week, Studio, October 2019)
  • Treasure Island by Bryony Lavery (1 week, Main Stage, Dec 2019)
  • Tribes by Nina Raine (1 week, Studio, January 2020)

If you want to register your interest for directing one of our suggested plays, please drop us an email (see below for addresses) and we can get you a copy of the script.


Directors/Producers/Designers for the Open Slots: 

  • 1x Studio rehearsed reading (1 or 2 performances, August 2019)
  • 1x Main Stage show (1 week, September 2019)
  • 1x Main Stage show (1 week, November 2019)

 If you have an idea for a show that would fit one of these slots, please drop us an email (see below for addresses) with which slot you are interested in, the name of the play/project, your name and what your role would be.



  • 15th Feb – Deadline to Register your interest. This can just be a one line email telling us who you are and what slot you are interested in.
  • 3rd March – Deadline for Written Pitches. Once you’ve registered your interest we will send you more information about this, but we’re not expecting essays - just put down on paper your ideas for your show. At this stage we may say no to some ideas, if for example we know the rights aren’t available or it’s been done too recently at Putney.
  • 11th – 17th March – One on One Meetings. We will schedule everyone with a 30 minute meeting with Zoë and Jeff, to talk through your show and ask some more detailed questions
  • 22nd March – Outcome. By this date everyone who registered interest will know whether or not they have a show in the 2019/20 winter season.
  • 12th April – Season Launch! This is where we publically announce the 2019/20 Winter Season in its entirety.

We know that you can’t force yourself to be creative in a certain time frame, so if you have an idea after any of the dates above please do still email us and let us know your thoughts. The best bit about our new role is talking to people about shows, so don’t feel like you have to wait to be invited to do so!


Helpful Info

We don’t have that many restrictions on what you can propose. We’d like you to keep in mind the following points: 

  • Large casts (10+) are brilliant for the main stage and small casts (2- 6) are fabulous for the studio.
  • Think about the plays we have already programmed, so suggesting a different Nina Raine play probably wouldn’t be wise.
  • Think about the voices and stories we are hearing. We do enough shows to programme plays written by and about all sorts of different people.
  • Please know you can suggest things as a director, producer, actor or musician, don’t feel like you must lead the project, we can help out with putting a production team together.

But really for all proposals we just ask one thing of you. Be as creative and as adventurous as you can be. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

All interest and questions can be sent to or