The Inaccurate Conception

By Richard Ahsam & Geoff Saunders

A rehearsed reading on Friday 13th December, 7.45pm at Putney Arts Theatre (main stage)

The Inaccurate Conception had its first performance at Putney Arts Theatre 25 years ago, and has since been performed all over the UK.

In this raucous celebration of the school Nativity Play, Celia Whibley is directing class 3C in this year’s Nativity; it’s her - and the class’s - first ever production. The children are unmanageable and uncooperative, but Celia’s real obstacle is her unhelpful fellow staff.

Battling against the odds is a ‘learning experience’ for Celia, but will the struggle be worth it? Seven-year-olds, teachers and parents alike are played by adults in this energetic and warm-hearted comedy.