Site Lines

Contractions, performed March 2014

Site Lines

Sites Lines is a new project for Putney Theatre Company. As part of Putney Arts Theatre's 50th Anniversary celebrations, PTC will be taking work out of Putney Arts Theatre to new and unusual venues around London. A specially selected series of plays will be performed in offices, classrooms, pubs and bars with each production specifically linked to the chosen venue.

Contractions, by Mike Bartlett, was the first production for Site Lines and was performed in a local office in Putney from 25th - 27th March 2014.

Contractions synopsis: Emma has just started a new job, but does she really understand the full implications of the contract she has signed? In Mike Bartlett's black comedy drama we explore the invasion of employee privacy and legal implications of rigid contracts. How far will you go for your job...?

Check back here for more details about future Site Lines projects.